I’m so grateful and humbled to be spotlighted (and put on the cover of their spring catalog) by the RCCC Small Business Center. It shows that some of this hard work is finally paying off. I’ve had so many opportunities over the last two years and have met some really great people. From startup/nonprofit founders to millionaires and everything in between. I am happy to know you, to have met you, to break bread with you, and to parley with you. The friends, mentors, professors, advisors, and accountability partners that I have/had over these 2 years are/were amazing and left an everlasting imprint in my life.

You helped me get through 5 certifications, a Toastmasters designation, a diversity and inclusion training certificate, business debates, incubator classes, an MBA degree, stressful days, yard makeovers, and days that a little appreciation went a long way. You’ve been a listening ear to my long vents and you’ve a person who sat next to me in silence when I just needed to clear my head while needing someone next to me. You’ve provided me with kind words, emails, text messages that have encouraged me even when I didn’t realize I needed encouragement. I foresee many great things as I work to help more people through education and media!!! Thank you.

-Adrian T. Marable

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