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Technical Collaborator

An Executor

Adrian and I worked on a highly technical project that had tight deadlines and demanding customers. Adrian attended customer visits with me and was a real value add for the team. He is excellent in working with customers, gathers clear requirements and his follow-up is outstanding.

His documentation abilities are strong with a keen eye to details. Throughout the project Adrian had costs, timeframes and quality under control. I would highly recommend Adrian for any project and would be honored to have him on my team again.

Wayne B., Adobe Federal

Great Insight

Adrian has been very knowledgeable providing me with great insight on how to advance in the corporate world. He also helped me create and refine my resume as well as, provided me with great insight on the various skill sets young professionals need to grow now and for the future.

S. Patel, Blue Cross

Project Driver

Adrian is a person who not only understands the technical aspects of his space but also excels at the practical side – i.e. has an innate ability to drive projects through communication to those that need buy-in as well as a keen ability to anticipate and then take lead on any unforeseen needs that would derail or bottleneck a project.

He is truly a team player and excels at mentoring others, whether they report directly to him or report to another person within the company.

Tim P., Rennaissance Executive Forum


This topic was thought-provoking and meaningful for everyone to ponder.

T. Kung, Educator


You made me look into my career and see the things that I should and could have done better to advance myself.

Paul J., Entrepreneur

Motivating, Inspiring, and Electric

Motivated, inspired, and electric. Very effective organization from beginning to end.

John S., Retired

A Career Game Changer

He will change your perspective on life and make you feel you can conquer the world…because you can.

The Breakfast Catering is Charlotte NC’s premier breakfast catering and food truck. Owner, Chris Ward, has worked with Adrian Marable to develop and grow his business bringing smiles to the faces of locals and visitors alike. Chris continues to grow his business and we look forward to his overwhelming success.

I met Adrian over 5 years ago and I worked with him to help me climb the corporate ladder. As promised, within months I had a new position as a manager making more money and that was more satisfying than my previous job. After some time, I reached out to him again to help me transition from the white collar world to starting my own business. With his session and expertise on business startups, I was not only able to open one, but two business simultaneously. I expected results but nothing like this. The return on investment was unimaginable. Thank you Adrian for working with me.

Chris Ward, Founder, The Breakfast Catering Company