Adrian T. Marable is a writer, speaker, and Venture Capitalist who focuses on the long-term growth of businesses. His ability to touch different areas of business has been amazing. The impact that he has made within the firms that he’s worked with has created better transparency among the different teams and the feeling of empowerment by these employees to do more than just their “daily job”. The initiative he takes to learn about people and how to grow their careers and knowledge while growing and scaling a company has brought more efficiency and retention to the teams he has helped. His passion is around business operations, growing talent, and creating safe, inclusive environments which makes him an amazing Venture Capitalist.

His ability to be both technical and business savvy has allowed him to bridge a major gap between technical and non-technical founders. Among nine certifications around business operations and process improvement, Adrian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Prior to writing this book, Adrian began his career in the financial services industry and later moved into the field of engineering and IT. Previously, he has worked with companies like New York Life, the Department of Defense, Ingersoll Rand, and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

He has also led change inside of Fortune 500 companies as he’s been a key part of multiple organizational transformation initiatives as well as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures with companies such as Bank of America, Ingersoll Rand, Direct Chassis Link, Inc, and Manufacturing Techniques, Inc. He has been able to come in, collaborate with all areas of technology and the business that has helped them forecast success, identify and/or mitigate risks, and create a happier customer and employees experiences.

Marable was also the recipient of the 2019 David Brady award which is awarded to people who show outstanding commitment to the people they work with, their clients, and their communities. This award shows that Adrian embodies what it means to genuinely care about all of the people around him. His talent to bring people to have crucial conversations and put them at ease with the constant changes within their organization has been appreciated by both his managers and his peers. He has a vision that makes him a leader without being “the leader”. His business partners can probably attest that when Adrian does something, the results are far beyond the expectations. He also takes pride in planning team building workshops, team outings, and team volunteer efforts in his community that enhances diversity and inclusion.

Adrian has worked with a lot of organizations in his effort of “just wanting to help people.” To highlight his work to help, these are only some work that Adrian is or has been involved in:

  • He’s an Area Director for Toastmasters International.
  • He facilitates training for men and women in business or looking to start businesses in partnership with the local women’s business center. Here he also talks about the importance of partnering with companies such as Bank of America.
  • His volunteerism has helped City Startup Labs bring in and support new millennial entrepreneurs and support formerly incarcerated men in helping them start and grow their own business.
  • He helped plan, coordinate, and support Charlotte’s Community Action Week and Health Fair hosted by the Charlotte Area Fund.  With Adrian’s help, the Charlotte Area Fund was able to graduate over 20 of their clients through their Self Sufficiency program which included a local and national workforce development training certificate.  The Health Fair also provided over 200 people could not afford health insurance with free dental exams, eyeglasses, prescriptions, health screenings, and vaccinations for their children.
  • Adrian has also worked with the 100 Black Men of Charlotte, whose mission is to increase educational opportunities for African American youth; develop programs to empower youth and succeed academically; provide role models for young black males, and strengthen community support and involvement for black youth, by providing them with website maintenance for them.
  • He’s worked with Hack & Hustle, an organization whose workforce development program increases economic mobility for underserved youth by placing scholars in technology training while providing them with face-to-face mentorship, by providing videography and photography services.
  • He is a member of the Champions Men’s Group which includes many prominent Charlotte business leaders such as Hugh McColl(Former CEO of Bank of America) and Nicholas Wharton(Former Executive of the Urban League of the Central Carolinas and current Executive Director of the Charlotte Area Fund) as well as community organizers such as Greg Jackson(Founder of Heal Charlotte) and Ross Danis(President of MeckEd), highlights and advocates for change when it comes to equity and inclusion in Charlotte.  Through this group, Adrian and the Champions support a wide range of organizations and events dedicated to improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in the community.
  • He has been a speaker and advocate on entrepreneurship and career development as well as how they go hand in hand. He did some speaking events, sat on a couple of panels, as well as moderated a panel on Black Wall Street.
  • Last year he built a website for the North Carolina Cancer Association for free just because he believed in what the organization was doing.
  • In September 2017 when Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Adrian was so self-less as to extend his home to 4 Florida families (15 people and 2 dogs).

Adrian resides in Concord, North Carolina with his wife (Ebony) and daughter (Payton). He has been a supporter of many organizations within North Carolina and has partnered with them in numerous ways. He’s also empowered everyone to think about their careers and how they can meet the goals that want to achieve both personally and professionally.

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